Making Monster Music - Behind the Tracks : Tommy Creep - The Gravediggers

"This is a track I originally wrote on LSDj on the Game Boy. I'd just gotten the hang of loading samples onto the Game Boy and thought i'd write a song based around a digging sample combined with a wind sample. I tried used the digging sounds as a sort of percussion and tried to come up with a melody that would give the kind of sombre feeling of being alone in a graveyard at night."

"The bass was inspired by the track Ginger Pubes by Cookie Monsta, I thought the straight-sounding bass in that track really stood out from other dubstep/drumstep tracks at the time which seemed to go for the growly/wub sounds. I used heavy vibrato on the bass to give it a dirtier sound, I really like the extra-oscillating sound you get from fast modulating (I don't know the technical term for this but would like to know, so if anyone does...)."

"I was really happy with how the melodic break turned out  the contrast of the switch back to the main bassline/melody and wanted to see how it would sound doing a version on Renoise on the mac. I tried using a "real" instruments to replace the chip-leads for the non-Game Boy version but felt that the plain-square waves worked best."

"One of the reasons for remaking the track on the computer was so that I could add in some more samples. The speech samples are from the 1945 film The Body Snatcher, starring Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff. It tells the tale of a Dr MacFarlane who obtains his corpses through sinister means."

The Gravediggers (32-bit Body Snatcher version) is on Vacant Tombs & Full Moons, preorder from for instant download of Death Beach. The cassette comes out July 29th.