Making Monster Music - Behind The Tracks : Ghoulshow - Zeta Crash Landing

"I really wanted to do an alien-themed track.  When I first started on the bones to this track, the lazer-sounding synths and computer-like noises really inspired me to move more in that direction so I started listening to more 50’s sci-fi scores and other stuff like that."

"I also was digging adding distortion on random stuff, and that helped get the drum/bass line going from the start by adding it on top of my drums. From there it was a hop, a skip and a terrifying jump through 50’s horror movies and soundtracks to finally get in the mindset to polish it off. I found myself as the song progressed as it gets more frantic it goes from an extraterrestrial life form coasting through the stars and then suddenly everything goes wrong and the spacecraft begins to plummet and finally crash into our humble planet."
Zeta Crash Landing can be downloaded instantly when you preorder Tales from the Netherworld from