Making Monster Music - Behind the Tracks : Ghoulshow - Shambling Horror

"With this track, I was really exploring the dubstep sounds that were possible for me to create, and I was really inspired be a few other zombie based tracks. The likes of Nekromantix, Midnight Syndicate and Tommy Creep are what really inspired this tracks creation and were on my playlist during the making of this song."

"I found in particular that I was always interested by the iconic quotes from the classic 1968 flick Night of the Living Dead, mostly the news anchor on the radio bits. So I found the flick and chopped the bits out and started using the new-found dubstep techniques I had, to make this."

The track isn't on the upcoming release but you can download it for free here and the Tommy Creep remix here. Check out the official video made by Rorschach Noir: