Making Monster Music - Behind The Tracks : Ghoulshow - Spookhouse

"This was the first track I wrote, and was the very first time I had delved into electronic music production. Listening to tons of horrorbilly, psychobilly, industrial and house music is really what structured and set up the environment for creating this tune. I was really into groups like Centhron, Combichrist, The Meteors, and The Matadors, So it was just an amalgamation of genres that I was listening to that gave the song its flair."

"I didn’t have a particular movie in mind, although Calabrese's track House of Mysterious Secrets definitely inspired me heavily. This is about a house where nothing is quite what it seems, and things (and people) go missing without a trace frequently."

Spookhouse is on Tales from the Netherworld, preorder for instant download of Zeta Crash Landing. The cassette comes out July 29th.