Making Monster Music: Ghoulshow - Monster Closet

"Listening to tons of Spoonbill and Tipper help spawn this song from the beginning. I had a an idea after finding some beatbox samples to create the rhythm of the song. It sounded very organic and human, but I melded it together with odd factory sounds and other kinds of found noise to create more eerie and monstrous sounds."

"As with all of my music, I have Jhonen Vasquez to thank for a lot of my inspiration. The song personifies literally what it is supposed to sound like, a closet full of monsters; I think people would get it right away just from the title and most everyone has had that fear at some point in their lives. Just don’t open the door…"

Monster Closet is on Tales from the Netherworld, preorder for instant download of Zeta Crash Landing. The cassette comes out July 29th.