Making Monster Music: The Cemetery (Ghoulish VIP)

"Originally it started off as a dubstep VIP of “The Cemetery”, A drumstep collaboration between Tommy Creep and I. Starting with the bass and drum sounds from the original track, I slowed all of it down significantly, giving it a really loose, swinging feel. Deriving inspiration from movies, including the original inspiration “I bury the living”, such as “Return of the living dead”, “Cemetery Man”, and “Phantasm”. Once I had really funky groove going with the bass and the drums, I moved on to working on adding the samples from “I bury the living” again, and found a clip in particular very interesting… Where one of the characters says another character’s name, “Bob”."

"I pitched this sample down so it sounded like it was slow and evil and threw a phaser on it, making it sound more like a bass or a really odd instrument sample. That’s the offtime sounding bassy noise during a lot of the intro and during some of the middle as well. This track was heavily influence by the funkiness of artists like OPIUO, Spoonbill, Tipper, etc.. As you can tell, a somewhat common trend in my music, haha!"

The Cemetery (Ghoulish VIP) is on Tales from the Netherworld which is available to download from or on cassette directly from Ghoulshow.