GYC003 ..and out Come the Bats! out August 19th

The next release will be ...and out Come the Bats! A digital-only compilation of bat/vampire-themed tracks. It will be available to download from for £2.50 on August 19th.

All profits are being donated to Bat World Sanctuary. Check out to read about the work that they do.

1. Manix - Good Guano
2. Murkbox - Kyuuketsuki
3. Werewolves in Siberia - The House of Nosferatu
4. Ghoulshow - Echolocation
5. Optiks - Count Orlok
6. Fogcreature - Wings of Flesh
7. Connor Gandy - The Vampire Bat
8. Tommy Creep - Flying Beside Her
9. Défago - Night of the Vampire
10. Uxoricide - Bats of the Abyss
11. Hannibal Bateman - The Wings of Transylvania
12. Spi - Devil Bat
13. Fangris - Graveyard Shift
14. Sam Haynes - Dance of the Vampires
15. Darknesss - Hell's Organist

Hear tracks from the release on Cult Radio A-Go-Go Saturday August 10th between 6-10pm PST!