New cassettes out April 1st- available to preorder now!

GYC015 - Werewolves in Siberia - Beyond the City of the Dead

WIS returns with another 10 more spooky synth-rock tracks on giallo-yellow cassette!

Includes 5 bonus remixes by VECTOR SECTOR, Tommy Creep, Ghoulshow, Mad Maddox & Ghastworks!
Preorder for instant download of "Broken Souls"

"Turn down the lights, lock the doors, and raise the volume. Let this magical sound scape wash over you and go Beyond the City of the Dead with the Werewolves in Siberia." Mark Pidgeon 

GYC016 - Défago - Roots of Evil

9 eerie synth soundscapes on psychic-purple cassette!
Preorder for instant download of "The Thing That Walked Unknown"

"Futuristic, scary and strangely inviting Défago is carving a name for himself in this sonic landscape and the comparisons to Carpenter and Howarth are undeniable; as is the magnitude of influence they left in the 80s horror soundtrack world but look to Défago to see the evolution of the style as he manipulates the commonplace into a whole new creature, using the familiar to alienate and astound, shattering preconceptions as the runtime winds on." Mark Pidgeon

GYC001 - Ghoulshow - Tales from the Netherworld

2nd Edition on clear orange cassette! Includes unreleased bonus track!

"a beautiful love song to 50s B-movies via hard electronic dance beats! Ghoulshow has crafted his art and created an album that transports listeners to the worlds he creates digitally offering a highly visual sonic experience and comes highly recommended.” 
Mark Pidgeon - 

"a horror movie set to a dance beat!" Voodoo Rob's Hellbilly Hollywood

“...has a creepily sinister atmosphere, without losing the synth sound or tempo of EDM, dubstep and drum & bass. Even if you're not usually into this type of music, it's still an enjoyable listen for fans of classic horror film & game soundtracks... ” 
Lilia Tombs - Horrorshock Lolipop

Also available:

Make-Your-Own Monster Mixtape - blank cassettes in ghoulish colours!

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