Out today! Cassette-Horror-Double-Feature number 3!

Out today! £5 each from

Werewolves in Siberia - The Rising

Transparent blue cassette. Only 50 made. Includes 3 panel art and free 3D glasses. Download includes 4 bonus tracks!

“Influenced by the minimalist tones of John Carpenter’s early soundtracks and the nightmarish multi-layered compositions of Goblin, Werewolves’ first album, The Rising, paints an audioscape that dares the listener to mentally design creepy narratives of his/her own. This is the music that you will write your film to.” -Gabriele Zuccarini,

 “‘The Rising’ will not inspire you to dance, ‘The Rising’ will inspire you to turn all the lights on and lock all the doors and windows.” -Lucas Klaukien, Paranoid Hitsophrenic

 “Seven tracks of low-budget, horror-themed synth rock, sparse metallic beats and arpeggiated laser sounds. You can almost hear the squeak of a VHS player and the heavy panting of an actor sweating it out in a bad monster costume in the background.” -Josh Gross, Boise Weekly

Défago - Call of Darkness

Transparent orange cassette. Only 50 made!
 From Spain comes 10 tracks (+5 bonus tracks) of haunting melodies and eerie-synth-soundscapes! 

"There is lots to love about Call of Darkness any horror fan who has grown up on a diet of 80s horror and the soundtracks of its ilk will feel right at home here bringing back fond memories from a time long gone." -Mark Pidgeon - credits