Making Monster Music: Ghoulshow - Jungle Voodoo

"Inspired by movies like I Walked with a Zombie, the Zombi films, Curse of the Voodoo, and White Zombie. I was digging jungle and tribal beats a lot at the time and I wanted to make a very cursed or dark-sounding jungle track."

"Groups like M Machine, DubFX and Caravan Palace were frequently found all over my playlist while I was writing and producing Jungle Voodoo. I started off with the wobbling, sub-bass sound and developed a lot of the track around that." 

"The tribal drums were actually a recent addition to my sample library and I really wanted a chance to use them. This tune is all about the jungle around the spookhouse, and who/what lives inside. I really wanted the listener to feel uneasy while listening to this and I think the dissonant sounds helped achieve that."

Jungle Voodoo is on Tales from the Netherworld which is available to download from or on cassette directly from Ghoulshow.