Making Monster Music: Ghoulshow - Nethervator

"This was my first foray into using real instrument samples to form a song. I went with a kind of funky, spooky lounge track for this one. I took inspiration from old-school horror and film noir to give the mysterious kind of feel and knew I really wanted to incorporate an upright bass in it as well. I was listening to a lot of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Frank Zappa and Medeski, Martin and Wood when writing this track."

"First it was a kind of island song, with the steel drums and the other exotic instruments, but I started taking another direction when I added one of the xylophone sounds and it sounded like it was right from a mystery film. Inside the spookhouse, you’ll find the Nethervator! An elevator that goes to straight to hell!"

Nethervator is on Tales from the Netherworld, preorder for instant download of Zeta Crash Landing. The cassette comes out July 29th.